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Our travel, leisure and hospitality translation services entail several ways to carry out the translation process, depending on your needs and convenience.


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We denounce with righteous indignation.

Documentation Translation

For the translation of technical documentation, ensuring consistency, correct terminology, and technical accuracy are top priorities for our team of skilled translators.

Customer Support Translation

Got international customers? No need to hire multilingual support agents, effective and scalable translation in over 70 language pairs allows your customer service team to reply to customer inquiries and provide customer support documentation in your users’ native languages.

Websites and Apps Translation

Our professional translators are experienced at translating highly technical content for your businesses’ website, mobile application as well as user interfaces and software interfaces for project management and e-learning systems.

AI Training Translation

We support technical documentation translation for custom datasets for training artificial intelligence. Our global workforce of over 5,000 certified translators can deliver required training data, process existing data, perform system testing, as well as validate results for various fields of application.

Professional Translations for any Industry

Viwords has offered website translation services in 70 languages! To ensure the use of appropriate terminology, our translators are selected according to your website, let it be cosmetic, mechanical, or legal.

Also, we create a translation memory for each project so that when you update your website, you only pay for new parts of it.

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We can translate directly into your website’s source code (HTML, PHP, XML, or any other format) while respecting tags’ integrity, thanks to the use of our proprietary translation software. This solution is ideal for a quick process, as it does not require the manual integration of texts into source files once the translation is delivered.


We can translate the website contents in any editable text format (such as Word or Excel). On request, we can also localize all the multimedia content of your website (images, graphics, downloadable pdfs, etc.) during the translation process.


If your website is managed by a CMS, we can insert the translations within the latter, via API or directly within the system if you provide us with access. Once you have inserted the translation into your staging site or into production, we can check the content in its final context to assess the need to adapt the content to the layout, on request and free of charge.

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The translation of a website lets you reach thousands of new visitors and potential clients online. Offering your products or services to an international audience provides exposure and important growth potential for your business. You can also ensure a good browsing experience to your foreign visitors.

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